PSA Group’s Vision

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“All the processes of an automotive group are supported by information systems and thus exploit or create digital data in extremely large amounts. Furthermore, one of the most widespread connected devices in a nearby future will undoubtedly be the car, which also is the source of numerous operating data.

With this observation, PSA is thus in possession of a data mine often left unexploited: products, quality, client relationship, car operation…

The maturity of some big data technologies has allowed us to better understand the approach. Through “proof of concepts”, we have tested some use case for various business components: analysis of the guarantee costs of our vehicles, banking activity, trials data exploitation, social media information analysis, services associated to connected vehicles…

This comforts us in the idea that the predictive approach allowed by the big data would be favourable to a better efficiency and a better targeting of our actions. It would moreover, at least in a first stage, be an element of distinction regarding the competitors.

It has appeared to us obvious that, beyond the technological challenge and the mastering of the tools, we had to convey a necessary evolution of the skills and of the corporate culture. It also appeared that this transformation would pass through all the company’s businesses know-how, hence our implication in Telecom ParisTech’s “Machine Learning for Big Data” Chair.”

Bernard Cohen, IT Benchmarking, Innovation, PSA Peugeot Citroën

About PSA Group

With its three world-renowned brands, Peugeot, Citroën and DS, PSA Group sold 3 million vehicles worldwide in 2015. Second largest carmaker in Europe, the PSA Group recorded sales and revenue of €54 billion in 2015. The Group confirms its position of European leader in terms of CO2 emissions, with an average of 104.4 grams of CO2/km in 2015 and is currently the leader in connected vehicles, with a fleet of 1.8 million connected vehicles on the road worldwide. It is also involved in financing activities (Banque PSA Finance) and automotive equipment (Faurecia).