Educational challenges

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Big data, in association with flourishing computer and maths technologies, is widely perceived as a way to create value and to develop scientific research. Big data also undeniably calls for new professionals: men and women with sharp technical skills in the field of computer science and applied maths to handle and analyse the information, but also possessing core competencies, an ability to anticipate the services and uses made possible by big data in various activity fields, as well as an understanding of the legal aspects related to the collection, storage and exploitation of personal data.

Tackling the big data challenges requires the conception of new training programs, allowing the future executives and decision makers to acquire general knowledge related to what the statistical processing makes possible today, to the connected issues and to the technologies to apply in order to collect and exploit the data. From this point of view, one of the major challenges is the elaboration of a curriculum freeing itself from the disciplinary shackles, and articulating maths, computer science, law and business. The courses offered by Telecom ParisTech have been developed in close cooperation with the industry and service companies. Renowned for its expertise in communication technology engineering, Telecom ParisTech has naturally become the first French higher education establishment to provide specialized trainings in big data. Its students, with high level profiles, are already sought after in the national and international job market.

  • “Big Data: management and analysis” Post-Master’s Degree
  • “Data Sciences” Research Master, with the Ecole Polytechnique
  • “Data Scientist” Specialized Studies Certificate (CES)
  • “The basics for Big Data” MOOC