Criteo’s vision

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“The excellency of the math education in France is a real asset for entrepreneurs. Criteo’s adventure has showed us that the United States make the entrepreneur’s life more easy, but also that the excellency of education, the loyalty and fidelity of the French research teams are tremendous assets to carry out great projects.

Researches in machine learning take place in vivo, it is thus important that professionals pass on their field expertise to the data scientists and big data managers to carry on the development of algorithms in this area. Criteo is proud to participate to the development of specialised curriculums offered as part of Telecom ParisTech’s machine learning Chair. It is of course a way for us to train future talents, but also, through sharing, to contribute to develop methodologies and good practices relevant to the business world as well as to the academic world.”

Franck Le Ouay, Executive Officer and co-founder of Criteo and
Romain Niccoli, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder.

About Criteo

Criteo broadcasts worldwide ads with customizable performance. The company measures the post-click feedback on sales, making thus the ROI transparent and easy to calculate. Criteo employs more than 1000 people in the United States, in Europe and in Asia, and collaborates with more than 6000 advertisers in about fifty countries. Operational on all the real-time bidding platforms, Criteo also maintains direct relations with more than 7000 publishers worldwide.