Workshop Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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The joint availability of computational power and huge datasets has considerably changed the landscape of Artificial Intelligence. In many fields, applications (self-driving cars, cybersecurity, e-health…) that seemed out of reach in the past are now closer to becoming a reality. Recent advances in Machine Learning, the key component of AI,  show the growing maturity of algorithms that are now able to handle an increasing number of new tasks. However, simple adversarial attacks can still easily defeat a learning algorithm and the potentially massive deployment of AI tools in various environments raises many new concerns.  Additionally to scalability and versatility of algorithms, awareness of drifting or fake data, privacy, interpretability, accountability are now all features that a learning and decision system should take into account. This workshop aims at providing a non-exhaustive overview of  recent approaches developed to cope with these stimulating challenges of AI. This first instance of the International Workshop on Machine Learning and AI will serve as a forum for academics and practitioners working on both theoretical and the practical aspects of learning systems for AI.


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Adress : Télécom ParisTech - 46, rue Barrault, 75013 Paris


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